Fedup with procrastination, This one tip can change your life.

2 min readJan 5, 2021


Often we find ourselves in the cycle of procrastination if the task we have got to do is a small or a long one and in the end we are not able to do that particular task sp recently I came across the Pomodoro technique which is so efficient and luckily worked out for me, I am loving this technique I became more productive, determined and focused.

So I have to complete the UI model of the PWA on which I was recently working so every time I start it get distracted and start internet browsing, so I have put a time of 25 minutes and for that tenure, I will not do anything so I put my in focus which disables all sort of apps, so I’ve started the coding.

The web app on which I start practicing by making a login form.

So as soon any thought clicks in my mind so I’ve reminded myself that the clock is ticking; will think about it after the task is done and the stopwatch stopped. so module for which coding takes almost an hour I am able to do that in 25 minutes and after that rewarded my self for 5 minutes by skipping rope and I was fresh again to focus on the new subtask. So I am able to complete that app in just 5sessions.

Now it's time for the magic. Tadaaa!

When I’ve started practicing it early I wasn't too focused many thoughts clicked in my mind but eventually, it becomes a habit.

So I have put that in my routine so I can become more productive in my daily regime and can do a lot more in less time as compared to the previous regime that how I was doing things. Apart from that I’ve worked on gradually increase the session time up to 45 Minutes in a row that is worked for me and still happy with 5 minutes break you can move around your workspace and take a breath of the fresh air so you feel more lively and don't get bore and gain my energy levels back.

I hope this will help you. Good Luck with your Daily regime. So you can rock the 2021 and this year becomes your year.