Fixing your workplace is so much Important

2 min readDec 19, 2020

So I was enrolled in a course in amal academy due to which I was able to fix one thing around so I have look around you not able to find particularly anything but when even I saw at my workplace as we guys having work from home due to covid so my workplace and table is so messy which gives me frustration and stress as well in more of time i don't even think about it, but yeah it never gives me the feeling of cleanliness. So why not start with that one in your task. so here it goes.

So yeah this was my place with so much mess my laptops were behind LCD’s I have got everything at my place but not arranged, so I start with a very simple idea to make it simple, clean and arranged it.

Now comes the real magic are you ready.

When I started cleaning it was a lot of mess as I am done with it so I got a real sense of cleanliness, I was not feeling frustrated at my workplace it was so relaxing to work over here and now I am pretty enjoying working over here. I can sit for long I have got manageable space where I can put my other relevant stuff. so this activity helps me that I can take charge of some issues and solve that out. It takes nothing to solve it.