2 min readDec 12, 2020

So I have been motivated from Amal Academy to go out and carry out some different acts of kindness though it take me a while, so what I have to do is that carry on 5 act of kindness in my surroundings so the people can benefit from it.

So my mom used to love the tea that’s specially made by me, perks of bieng good at cooking so I have make a delicate cup of tea with spanish omelette for my mother as sisters as well.

So my little sister used to love bangels so I was passing from near by Bazaar so I got it for my sister.

One of my old friend from the University is carry out rashion drive so I was bieng the part of that it was very good experience.

I have got a message of senior in which she needs some help regarding some money for a lady her roof is very terrible so I have helped her with that.

So with this cause I am able to share my story that how can I done so much amazing act of kindness which gives me the ultimate joy and sense of satisfaction.